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About us

 „Crisis means opportunity. For a long time top executives in Hungary regarded this principle of American success mentality as a well sounding theory only. However, in the past few years of crisis, local managers have become harder and tougher than before and this is clearly reflected in their business responses. Previously unquestionable taboos have fallen down, as the ultimate goal now is to eliminate any factors that may jeopardize the long-term sustainability of the business. This has brought change in the communications sector, as expectations have changed drastically. Contribution to value creation in business has become a basic precondition for communication professionals.” 

Anna Kondor, managing partner, Goodwill Communications

Established in 2003 by experienced communications consultants, Goodwill Communications is a leading business PR communications agency in Hungary.

The agency serves more than two dozens of corporate clients, including banks and insurance firms, publicly traded companies, energy sector and telecoms players, as well as financial legal and management consultants. Besides corporate clients, the agency also designs and executes communication programs for professional associations in the key business fields.

In 2009 the agency established a social media consulting unit dedicated to developing PR-solutions that can meet the specific conditions of the Web 2.0 environment. Since then we have completed several successful online PR communications programs for our clients.

International Relations

Goodwill Communications is the founder and central hub of CEE Alliance for Strategic Communications (CEEASC), a regional agency alliance which – including members from the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Slovakia – offers high level business communication support for companies interested in Central and Eastern Europe. Through our regional partners we have become able to manage client service across borders, reach media markets of CEE countries and carry out communications programs covering several countries in the region.

In 2012 Goodwill Communications was selected as the Hungarian member of Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), one of the biggest global networks of independent public relations agencies. Our membership in PRGN gives access not only to the latest communications know how, but also to some of the finest public relations professionals in 50 markets from Australia to the United States who can be mobilized to help serve clients’ needs.

Be Your Brand

We at Goodwill Communications believe that establishing personal brands is essential for top executives, as these brands can influence the whole of the executives’ careers. In 2012 we launched our complex personal branding service.

Personal branding is capable of generating long-term perceptions in partners and audiences. These perceptions influence the quality of future relationships.

We aim to support our clients in creating brands that truly help fulfill their personal goals.
The professional background of our personal branding service is showcased in the BeYourBrand blog.