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  • Széchenyi Capital Fund Management Zrt.

    Széchenyi Capital Fund Management Zrt. is a fully state-owned investment company under the professional supervision of the Hungarian National Development Agency. The company is responsible for allocating a HUF 14 billion fund of Hungary’s Regional Operative Programs to Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. The fund management company aims to close 120-150 projects by the end of 2015. The decision making process behind the fund’s investments follows a pre-defined and transparent investment policy and is helped by an elected professional committee responsible for pre-selection. Széchenyi Capital Fund Management Zrt.’s main mission is to provide expansion capital to domestic enterprises operating in sectors which are important from national economic policy point of view, but fall outside the scope of private equity and venture capital investors. The Fund’s investment policy serves Hungary’s economic growth, increases employment and supports the development of economically depressed regions, while it also contributes to the effective regional allocation of available European Union funds.

  • AEGON Direkt is a member of AEGON Hungary group and offers innovative direct insurance services. The company offers favorably priced basic insurance services, as well as products tailored for special and unique needs. Being a direct insurance provider, is available through its central, internet-based service platform 24/7.

  • Appeninn Property Management Holding

    Founded in 2009, Appeninn Property Management Holding is one of the most dynamically expanding investment companies of Hungary. The company concentrates on niche segments in which low priced assets offering high yields can be obtained and maintained on medium- to long term. Such targets are – among others – B category office buildings and industrial and logistics properties. The founder and the majority owner of Appeninn Plc. is Switzerland-based Lehn Consulting AG, which operates by a similar investment strategy, mainly focusing on the office segment of real estate. The company intends to broaden its property portfolio to enable it to become an international holding that represents classic values, on an asset based conservative business policy. Appeninn’s shares were selected into the BUX basket of the most traded shares of the Budapest Stock Exchange in 2012. The shares are currently traded in the premium category of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

  • Assessment Systems

    Assessment Systems is a leading consultancy in the human resources sector. Founded in the Czech Republic in 2001, the firm has management primarily from Hungary and the CEE region, while it maintains offices in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia Ukraine and it is involved in projects beyond the region. The staff of Assessment Systems is comprised of experts with international Hogan Standard exams who are dedicated to making selection and employee development and retention truly effective for clients. Furthermore they help clients make responsible business decisions that support competitiveness, operational security and cost control. Assessment Systems International is the Central European representative of Hogan and Schuhfried tests and assessment systems.

  • AVIVA Life Insurance

    AVIVA is the leading life insurance company in Europe. AVIVA Life Insurer offers products that keep their value and offer reasonable returns, while are also suitable to establish long-term financial security for clients. AVIVA strives to offer services beyond the standards customers expect – and the company’s trained staff is the primary guarantee to achieve this goal. AVIVA strives to offer services beyond the standards customers expect – and the company’s trained staff is the primary guarantee to achieve this goal. The company operates along the framework determined by Financial Supervisory Authority and it is a member of the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies’ work group developing self-regulation of the life insurance segment. AVIVA won the Best Workplace title of the financial sector in 2008.


    The Association of Hungarian Investment Fund Management Companies BAMOSZ) represents the Hungarian fund and asset management sector. BAMOSZ has more than 25 member companies which are the leading players in the Hungarian asset management market.

  • Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt.

    Budapest-based Díjbeszedő Holding focuses on the efficient collection of fees for public utilities and provides related services such as billing and processing invoices. Moreover it prints and produces invoice letters and provides factoring and financial work-out services for its corporate clients. Díjbeszedő serves companies that outsource their billing activities and keep contact with clients via mail, mostly including public utilities, residential service providers (broadcasting companies, telecommunication service providers) and financial institutions (commercial banks, insurance companies and pension funds).

  • DLA Piper

    Horváth and Partners DLA Piper is one of the major law firms specialized in business law, offering integrated legal services to local and foreign corporate clients, financial institutions and public administration based on the international experience and local expertise of its staff. Legal 500, which pools more than 100 countries’ legal services, classified Horváth and Partners DLA Piper as a first class legal service provider in Hungary in four fields in 2010 – capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, project finance and technology, media and telecommunication. DLA Piper’s expert groups specialized in media law, trade transactions, real estate and taxation also represent a significant resource among law firms in Hungary. DLA Piper is one of the most dynamically expanding international law suppliers, employing 3,500 lawyers in 69 offices in 30 countries. According to Mergermarket, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg news agencies, the firm, coordinated from Chicago and London, is one of the major M&A law consultants of the world based on the number of transactions.

  • FBN-H

    Family Business Network – Hungary is a non-profit organization founded exclusively by Hungarian-owned enterprises. The association aims chiefly to help family enterprises start and operate their businesses, so that their accumulated material and spiritual values can contribute to the development of Hungarian families, enterprises and national culture. The association’s activities focus on facilitating cooperation between families and generations among business owners. FBN-H offers its members integration, training and research support, while promoting cooperation, experience sharing and advocacy. FBN-H supports and integrates enterprises which are responsible corporate citizens, create workplaces and adapt, maintain and develop the family business model. The association itself is a member of international family business organizations.

  • Genertel

    A member of the Generali insurance group, Genertel is Hungary’s first direct insurer company. Based on international experience of the group, Genertel successfully operates a new, innovative insurance sales model in the Hungarian market. Instead of involving consultants in the process, a simple and well structured website and a trained call-center staff help clients find suitable insurance of their needs. Thanks to this cost effective business model, Genertel can transmit the savings to its clients in the form of cheaper and more competitive insurance fees.

  • Robertson

    Robertson Hungary has been on the Hungarian real estate market since 2001. With its more than a decade experience, it can assist clients in identifying landlord or tenant’s needs, respectively finding the best solutions and preparing comparison studies to support the decision making process. As an alliance member of BNP Paribas Real Estate international network, Robertson – based on the local experience of the network’s offices – offers comprehensive range of services regarding real estate properties. The firm’s expertise covers office, retail and industrial sectors. The team focuses on site selection, feasibility studies, brokerage, acquisition and analysis, valuation, consulting, investment, and landlord/tenant representation.

  • Horváth & Partners Management Consultants

    Founded in 1989 IFUA Horváth & Partners Hungary is one of the largest management consultants firms in Hungary. It carries out projects aiming overall and long lasting performance enhancement at companies and public organizations, applying international methods of modern company management and organization development. Its client portfolio in Hungary includes companies operating in the field of finance, energy, automotive and automotive parts industries and chemicals and pharmaceutical companies, as well as public utilities and offices of the central and municipal public administration. The firm is a member of Horváth & Partners, an independent international management consulting group which operates offices in five European countries.

  • ING Bank

    The Hungarian branch office of ING Bank N.V. has proved its dedication to the Hungarian economy in the past 20 years through its prudent operation, classic banking services and its corporate social responsibility efforts. Supported by its parent company’s solid capital background, excellent international rating and expertise, ING Bank offers full-scale financial services and solutions to major corporations present in Hungary.

  • KBC Securities

    KBC Securities is a prime provider of strategic and corporate finance advisory services for privately owned and publicly traded companies and has been involved in a number of such transactions. Its Securities Services team offers brokerage, settlement, clearing and custody services to clients. KBC Securities is specialized in prompt and derivative equities and global convertible bonds. Its equity services include equity research, sales and sales trading, corporate finance and corporate broking. For retail customers, KBC Securities offers transaction and portfolio management services through a number of local country trading platforms. The company was first to offer online brokerage services in Hungary.

  • KELER Zrt.

    Established in 1993, the Central Clearinghouse and Depository Zrt. (KELER) is onwed by the National Bank of Hungary and the Budapest Stock Exchange. Together with its subsidiary KELER KSZF, the KELER Group operates a trading infrastructure that allows the seamless operation of Hungary’s capital and energy commodity markets. KELER provides the infrastructure for all securities issues and transactions as the central depository of Hungary. KELER KSZF operates as the clearinghouse for the Budapest Stock Exchange, the Hungarian OTC market, Hungarian electricity trading marketplace HUPX and Central European gas trading marketplace CEEGEX. Based on its market and service innovation, KELER aims to become a significant market player on a regional and Europe-wide level.

  • The Association of Hungarian Leasing and Financing Companies

    The Association of Hungarian Leasing and Financing Companies is a non-profit organization operating since 1991. Its main mission is representing the membership, supporting cooperation among its members, maintaining foreign partnership and promoting leasing as a common financial solution in Hungary. The federation’s membership covers 90% of the entire Hungarian leasing market – in some sub-segments this indicator reaches 100%.

  • Lombard Leasing Group

    Lombard Leasing Group is the most experienced independent player in the field of Hungarian leasing companies. It offers wide range of financial solutions to its retail customers and business clients. The predecessor of the company was founded by four businessmen in December 1991. The company’s headquarters is located in Szeged, which makes Lombard the only significant financial service provider based out of Budapest. Lombard’s majority owner and most important international professional partner is VR-Leasing AG, the largest vendor-independent leasing company and a member of Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank groups. The company’s solid financial background is provided by Germany’s DZ Bank.

  • Hungarian Cogeneration Association (MKET)

    Founded in 1996, Hungarian Cogeneration Association (MKET) strives to give professional support for companies of the Hungarian combined heat and power industry (cogeneration) sector. Apart from representing its members, the association takes part in promoting cogeneration technology and industry via its scientific and educational activities. With close to 90 corporate and individual members, the association is one of the most significant professional associations in the energy sector in Hungary. Based on its professional experience, MKET regularly contributes to developing the legal framework of the sector. As member of COGEN-EUROPE, the association contributes to the scientific and professional activities of the sector.

  • Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (HVCA)

    As a professional body representing the Hungarian venture capital and private equity scene, HVCA is dedicated to promote the main concept of the sector to the public, while it also aims to help the development of the industry and to create a set of rigorous professional and ethical standards for its membership to follow. Since its foundation in 1991, HVCA has been continuously expanding. To date its members come from every spectrum of the sector: active industry investors, legal and financial consultants and even individual members. The full members are mainly active in the field of investments in non-public companies. Associate members include companies which are not investors, but provide a number of key services to venture capital firms. Individual members are the reputable experts of the industry.

  • Masterplast

    Founded in 1997, Masterplast group is one of the most dynamically expanding construction materials manufacturers and distributors in Central and Eastern Europe. Listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, the company operates several fully owned subsidiaries and production sites in countries of the CEE region. Its Hungarian manufacturing and warehousing operations are located in Kál (Heves County) and Sárszentmihály (Fejér County) where the company is headquartered.


    OPTISOFT is a financial and IT service provider that offers modern solutions to large corporations and medium-sized enterprises, contributing to cost optimization of their HR activities. Through its modern, state-of-the-art card-based system Optisoft builds and manages competitive motivational and compensation systems. Listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, the company’s main competitive edge is based on its experience in infrastructure organizing, transaction- and data security gained during the establishment of Hungary’s bi-level banking system in the 1990s. The company develops its services with the utmost precision, control and reliability based on its colleagues’ decade-long professional expertise.

  • National Federation of Saving Co-operatives (OTSZ)

    Founded in 1993, National Federation of Saving Co-operatives (OTSZ) represents 90 percent of the savings co-operatives sector. Savings co-operatives are financial institutions in 100% Hungarian ownership with a nationwide coverage and wide domestic awareness. Having increased its market share, efficiency and profitability over past years, the savings co-operative sector has become a significant player among financial institutions in Hungary. With an active support from OTSZ, savings co-operatives are engaged in a close financial and business cooperation, in which they pay special attention to the demands of retail and business clientele.

  • Otthon Centrum

    With a network of approximately 100 branch offices nationwide, Otthon Centrum is one of the leading players in the Hungarian real estate scene. Otthon Centrum launched its Hitel Center service in August 2000, and by now it has became one of the major players of the domestic loan broker market, with a sound knowledge of the product portfolio of all major banks and financial institutions.


    PBA Praeventio is among the largest insurance brokers in Hungary. With its online sales branch founded in 2006, PBA is one of the market leaders among online insurance brokers. PBA’s product portfolio contains almost all types of car insurance, property insurance, travel insurance services and a few years ago PBA has introduced an unemployment insurance product, as well. Based in Győr, Northwest Hungary, PBA is fully Hungarian-owned. The company has built partnership with all insurance companies and associations operating in Hungary and cooperates with banks, home savings banks and health and pension funds.

  • Pioneer Fund Management

    Pioneer Fund Management is one of the major players of the Hungarian investment fund management market. Beyond its complete fund management services, Pioneer also performs asset-, and portfolio management for its retail as well as institutional clients. Pioneer is a member of the international network of Pioneer Investments, which manages 170 billion euros worth of assets in 180 different investment funds and is represented in 31 countries. Pioneer Investments bases its global expertise on the experience of portfolio managers and analysts, who possess insight into local markets, thus Pioneer’s fund managers can map effectively the global investment markets. Pioneer Investments is a member of UniCredit Group.

  • Rába Automotive Holding

    Business portfolio of Rába Automotive Holding is comprised of three closely related vehicle machinery units, namely the Axle, the Components and the Vehicle business units. Rába Axle Ltd. is one of the world’s leading axle developers and manufacturers present in numerous countries around the world with its special axles and axle parts. Its strategic markets are the U.S., the EU and CIS countries. Shares of Rába Automotive Holding are listed in the premium category of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

  • Start Capital Guarantee Company

    The activities of Start Capital Guarantee Company are centered on granting of two types of financial products that help Hungarian SMEs get access to development capital and non-reimbursable European Union subsidies. The fulfillment of Start’s guarantees is provided by the HUF 6 billion Start Guarantee Fund.

  • TakarékBank

    TakarékBank was established by Hungarian savings co-operatives in 1989 to serve as their central bank. As a central bank of savings co-operatives, TakarékBank supports and co-ordinates the coherent market activities of savings co-operatives, strengthens their competitive positions and provides them with a wide product portfolio. With TakarékBank’s support, savings co-operatives can offer their clients financial products and services they would not be able to offer based on their own individual resources or due to legal barriers. In an effort to strengthen further the market presence of savings co-operatives, Takarékbank established in May 2008 TakarékPont, the strongest network of closely cooperating savings co-operatives that offers a uniform image and a uniform portfolio of retail services across the country.

  • TEDxYouth@Budapest

    On Nov. 20, 2010, HVG Publishing Company organized the first Hungarian TEDxYouth@Budapest conference. TED conferences and videos worldwide have become an idol for new and innovative thinking and stunning ideas. TEDxYouth is a separate but related platform, which organizes youth who work and act in the philosophy of TED. Every year TEDxYouth@Budapest showcases Hungarian young people who with their forward looking thoughts set an example not only for their peers, but also for elder generations. Goodwill Communications joined the organizers in 2011 to support the TEDxYouth@Budapest initiative with communications services.

  • Vertis

    VertisEnvironmental Finance is one of the most experienced, specialized environmental commodity trading houses in Central Europe, and one of the first companies to be involved in emissions trading in the world. The company executed its first Joint Implementation deal in 2002, the first EUA transaction in 2004, the first European spot CER transaction in 2007. The company’s activities are focused on understanding and fulfilling the needs of its clients wishing to meet international emissions requirements – primarily utilities and industrial companies operating mainly in the energy sector under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Vertis has experience in managing projects under the Kyoto Protocol, focusing mainly on reduction of N2O emission.

  • Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt.

    Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt. is the largest winery and a key player in the Tokaj Wine Region. The national winery, owned by the Hungarian State, has been the primary preserver and guardian of Hungary’s winemaking traditions as the number one winemaker the historical Tokaj Wine Region, which has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2002. The company is mainly engaged in growing and purchasing wine grapes, wine production and sale, and various wine tasting programs. Tokaj Kereskedőház has a 70-hectare vineyard of its own, plus it buys grapes from almost 1,500 small farms covering an area of 1,000 hectares. It illustrates the company’s development that in October 2013 it embarked on a capital investment project worth several billion forints at its Tolcsva plant, aimed at installing tanks with built-in cooling technology, constructing a new bottling plant and creating the related infrastructure.

  • MultiContact Consulting

    Established in 2002 and fully Hungarian owned, MultiContact Consulting is a leading consulting firm in the fields of public administration management and utilization of EU funds. It primarily serves multinational companies and Hungarian public administration institutions, creating added value. With a total staff of about 40, MultiContact offers services in the fields of public administration management, IT-consulting, procurement consulting, EU funds, project audit, project management and organization development and business process optimization.

  • MetLife Inc.

    MetLife Inc. is the world’s leading company offering insurance policies, annuities and employment benefits. It serves 90 million clients in 47 countries. Through its subsidiaries, MetLife plays a leading role in the U.S., Japan, Latin-America, Asia, Europe and Middle East markets.

  • Skawa Innovation

    Skawa Innovation is a startup venture established by experts from the call center and university research to develop marketable services from the innovative IT and telecommunications solutions produced by university research. Skawa’s solutions such as international company webpage translator EasyLing and internet-based toll free call service GreenCaller are all based on outstanding models representing the edge of technology development. The solutions have won not only client recognition, but also several start-up prizes.

  • OTP Nyrt.

    OTP Bank is Hungary’s largest retail bank, accounting for approximately one-third of Hungary’s retail financing market. OTP Bank is a blue chip of the Budapest Stock Exchange. Beyond the traditional residential retail banking, OTP is a key player of the corporate, municipal and SMB financing markets and it has significant interests in the real estate sector.

  • Arenim Technologies

    Originally a Hungarian start-up firm, Arenim Technologies is an international IT company with administrative offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and software development operations in Budapest. IT security solutions designed and developed by Arenim Technologies are used worldwide and the number of calls made through its own communications engine reached 100 million by 2012. The company’s flagship development is CryptTalk, a Hungarian developed unique mobile phone encrypting application, which using state of the art encrypting and authentication technologies prevents the tapping of phone calls and text messages. CryptTalk offers undecodable encrypting and a legal solution to protect private and business communication. In 2013 the company won the ‘Value creation through IT security’ award by ISACA, the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.


    (Magyar) Az piacvezető, független összehasonlító portál a magyar távközlési szolgáltatók szakértője, amely mind lakossági, mind vállalati fogyasztók számára elemzéseket, híreket, tanácsokat és információkat biztosít a telekommunikációs szektor szolgáltatásairól és díjairól. Egyedülálló, több mint 50 szolgáltató csomagjait tartalmazó, folyamatosan frissülő portfoliójának köszönhetően a távközlési szolgáltatások iránt érdeklődő, illetve azokat igénybe vevő fogyasztók a lehető legteljesebb képet kapják a lakóhelyükön elérhető szolgáltatásokról. A portál küldetése, hogy a fogyasztók a számukra elérhető összes információ birtokában képesek legyenek a megalapozott, racionális döntéshozatalra, és hogy kiválaszthassák az igényeikhez legközelebb álló távközlési (internet, televízió, vezetékes- vagy mobiltelefon) csomagokat. Solt Ádám, az távközlési szakértője már 10 éve foglalkozik termékek és szolgáltatások internetes összehasonlításával.

  • Laurus Offices

    Opened in 2011, Laurus Offices, is a flagship office building along the dynamically developing airport route, a prime office location in Budapest on the way from the city center to Liszt Ferenc International Airport. As one of the most up-to-the-minute developments in the Budapest office market, Laurus Offices were built in the spirit of sustainability, energy efficiency and environment protection, being one of the select office buildings with a post-construction BREEAM certification. Located in the heart of South Pest, the A-category Laurus Offices comprise of three units with a total 13,990 square meters of floor space also offering 1,000 square meters of retail space with street access. The office complex is right next to ‘Határ út’ public transport hub and metro station and is equally a 10-minute drive from the city center and the airport, furthermore the complex is also easily accessible by bicycle, with guarded storage and dressing rooms in place. Laurus Offices focus on the human aspect, are equipped with the latest technical solutions and offer a planned green environment at an easily accessible location – these factors make the office complex a comfortable, healthy and efficient workplace.

  • Saxo Bank

    Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Saxo Bank is an online multi-asset trading and investment specialist, offering private investors and institutional clients a complete set of tools for their trading and investment strategies. Its financial community portal,, is the first multi-asset social trading platform. Saxo Bank enables clients to trade FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures, Options and other derivatives on our award-winning SaxoTrader platform. Through Saxo PrivatBank, Saxo Bank also offers professional portfolio and fund management as well as traditional banking services.

  • Rondo

    History of the Rondo group, owned by the Austrian Ganahl family, dates back as far as 1797, and they have established their first plant in Vorarlberg in 1911. The group founded its Hungarian subsidiary back in 1994 under the name of Rondo Corrugated Board Manufacturer Ltd., on a 40 thousand m^2 property in Soroksár. Since then, the company has expanded, they are employing 190 people, and they have an annual turnover of 12 billion HUF. The company is producing 100% recyclable, environmentally sound wrapper for hundreds of Hungarian manufacturer and retailer businesses. Besides, they are selling nearly one third of their products to foreign companies, contributing significantly to the Hungarian economy’s export performance.

  • Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary

    Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary (FIVOSZ) is the officially recognized advocacy of young people who would like to start their business and young Hungarian entrepreneurs by reaching more than 20,000 people in Hungary and in the European Union as well. The goal of FIVOSZ is to help the next generation of young entrepreneurs, who, by managing their enterprise successfully in the long run, help strengthening the SME sector that could potentially support the national economic system. With its unique services and database of international contacts the association gives substantive help to young people in the age 18-40 in kickstarting and managing their business. The organization also gives a highly effective nationwide support with its “Start your business in Hungary!” business development programme. The association also serves as a solid background for young people who would not have the courage to start their enterprise alone, as they do not have the knowledge to kickstart their business. FIVOSZ already has a major role in the upbringing of the new generation of Hungarian economic actors due to its complex operational model.


    Alliance of Hungarian Medical Suppliers (AHMS) was founded in 2014 by small and medium sized enterprises under Hungarian ownership. Based on its members’ professional experience, industry knowledge and special know-how on Hungarian healthcare system, the alliance aims to provide support for the government efforts to establish a long-term sustainable healthcare system in Hungary. Members of AHMS collectively have decades of experience in the field of supplying medical devices to hospitals and patients. They have strong and direct connections to developers in Hungary and all over the world - many of them also develops and manufactures devices - and have relevant knowledge of the host-side conditions.

  • Externet

    (Magyar) Az Externet 1996 óta van jelen a hazai piacon, mára teljeskörű, minőségi távközlési szolgáltatásokat nyújt lakossági és üzleti ügyfelei részére, az alapvető otthoni felhasználástól kezdve a komplex üzleti megoldásokig. Célja, hogy a legjobb ár-érték arányú szolgáltatásokat kínálja a piacon, amelyhez jó alapot teremt az inkumbens telekommunikációs cégektől való függetlenség. A társaság a „szolgáltatók szolgáltatója”stratégiája keretében hosszú távú együttműködéseket alakított ki mind a vezetékes, mind a mobil telekommunikációs piac meghatározó szereplőivel, így a felhasználói igények alakulását szem előtt tartva folyamatosan bővíteni képes szolgáltatásai körét. Az Externet Nyrt. részvényei 2008 májusa óta forognak a Budapesti Értéktőzsdén.

  • Veolia Energia Magyarország Zrt.

    Veolia Energy Hungary has more than 20 years of operational history in Hungary. The company signed a strategic partnership agreement with the government of Hungary in 2013. Veolia Energy Hungary is committed to develop modern solutions locally to save energy. Its long-term plan is to ensure affordable and profitable energy efficiency solutions for more and more healthcare, education and other public institutions, as well as for industrial and other corporate users in energy intense sectors in the country. The company has nearly 600 employees, and is present at 250 premises in the country. The company provides energy for 50 municipalities, 85 state and public buildings, 30 health institutions and 31 industrial customers. In addition, Veolia Energy Hungary operates 11 heating service providers in 11 cities serving 12,000 residential and institutional clients while it generates heat for further 55,000 households across the country.

  • Business Lease

    Business Lease is a full spectrum provider of operating lease and mobility solutions in the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, expanding to include Romania in 2014. Business Lease Group, fully owned by AutoBinck Holding N.V., is the 20th largest independent vehicle groups in Europe with a portfolio of 45,000 cars. Business Lease offers unique solutions to importers and distributors in captive leasing, stock financing and a range of products and services.

  • CD Kozmetikumok

    CD is a well known German cosmetics brand founded in 1961. Since then, CD has developed a complete personal care product line consisting of shower gels, lotions, bath products and deodorants. The nature inspired personal care brand introduced the CD Reinheitsgebot concept in 2011 in Germany. The CD Reinheitsgebot sign guarantees the consumers, that the products don’t contain mineral oils, silicones, parabens, artificial colorings or animal- ingredients. Thanks to the success of CD Reinheitsgebot concept, CD has become now one of the fastest growing beauty brands in Germany.

  • Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.

    (Magyar) Az Erste Bank Hungary ügyfélszám, fiók- és ATM szám alapján a magyar bankpiac három legnagyobb szereplője közé tartozik, tevékenysége a pénzügyi szolgáltatások teljes skáláját lefedi. A bank 1997 óta tagja az osztrák Erste Group-nak, amely az első osztrák takarékpénztárként 1819-ben jött létre. 1997 óta a nemzetközi Erste Csoport Kelet-Európa egyik legnagyobb pénzügyi szolgáltatójává vált.

  • Hunguard

    (Magyar) A magyar magánszemélyek tulajdonában álló, 1990-ben alapított Hunguard Kft. az informatikai biztonság (Information Security) területén az egyik piacvezető hazai vállalat. A társaság IT rendszerek és termékek biztonsági bevizsgálásával, tanúsításával, értékelésével, illetve IT biztonsági szaktanácsadással foglalkozik a gazdasági és civil szféra, valamint az államigazgatási szervek számára. Tevékenysége során feltárja a védelmi igényeket és a fenyegetettség mértékét, kockázatelemzést végez és javaslatokat készít a kockázatok sikeres kezelésére, a vizsgált informatikai rendszerek biztonsági szintjének emelésére. A Hunguard Kft. magasan kvalifikált szakembergárdája mérnökökből, matematikusokból, számítástechnikai és biztonsági szakemberekből áll, közülük többen egyetemi doktorok, kandidátusok, szakirányú tudományos társaságok tagjai, speciális szakirányú végzettségekkel (CISA, CISSP, CISM, CEH) rendelkeznek. Az évek óta működési területén piacvezető vállalkozás tavalyi árbevétele 406 millió forint volt.

  • Aryzta

    (Magyar) Az ARYZTA AG a világ egyik legnagyobb fagyasztott pékipari termékeket forgalmazó vállalata. A vállalatcsoport 60 márkát működtet Európában, Észak-Amerikában, Dél-Amerikába, Ázsiában, Ausztráliában és Új-Zélandon. Az ARYZTA AG-t a svájci és ír tőzsdéken egyaránt jegyzik. A vállalatcsoport 2015. augusztusában vásárolta meg a magyar gyökerű Fornetti Csoportot. Az 1997-ben alapított Fornetti Kelet-Európa legnagyobb fagyasztott pékáru gyártója. A vállalat árbevétele 2014-ben megközelítette a 22 milliárd forintot, miközben csaknem 40 ezer tonna pékárut értékesítettek, aminek több mint a fele a nagy áruházláncok üzleteiben és a kiskereskedelmi üzletekben jutott el a fogyasztókhoz. A Fornetti közvetlenül több mint 970 főt foglalkoztat Magyarországon (Kecskeméten és Kiskunfélegyházán), és külföldön is közel 500 alkalmazottja van (Romániában Temesváron, míg Bulgáriában Ihtimanban). Termékeit 1800 „In Store Bakery”, vagyis „Pékség a boltban” típusú üzletben forgalmazzák. 2900 partnerből álló franchise hálózatot is működtet, valamint retail partnereinél jelenleg 11 országban, több mint 2000 sütési ponton megtalálhatóak termékei.

  • euroAWK GmbH

    (Magyar) A német euroAWK GmbH 1993 óta a magyarországi köztéri reklámpiac stabil és meghatározó szereplője. A társaság a németországi székhelyű AWK Firmengruppe Freund hálózat tagja, amely Németországon kívül Magyarországon, Csehországban és Szlovákiában van jelen. Portfóliójában a régióban közel 50 ezer óriásplakát, több mint 20 ezer citylight és több ezer további köztéri reklámfelület található, Magyarországon közel 3000 óriásplakáttal és 250 citylighttal rendelkezik, ezenkívül egyedi hirdetési megoldásokat is biztosít a hirdetők számára.

  • Lindab Kft.

    (Magyar) A Lindab Kft. a Lindab Group leányvállalataként 25 éve van jelen Magyarországon. A nemzetközi cégcsoport tagjaként a Lindab Kft. légtechnikai rendszerekhez és könnyűszerkezetes épületekhez fejleszt, gyárt és értékesít minőségi termékeket és összetett megoldásokat. A vállalat termékei egyaránt hasznosíthatóak az agrár- és ipari termelésben, az energetikában, a lakó- és irodaházak korszerűsítésében, valamint a honvédelem területén is. A Lindab termékeit és szolgáltatásait a prémium minőség, a könnyű szerelhetőség, valamint az energiahatékonyság és a környezettudatosság jellemzi. A stockholmi OMX tőzsdén LIAB néven jegyzett, 32 országban jelen lévő és mintegy 5 100 főt foglalkoztató Lindab Group forgalma 2015-ben 7 589 millió svéd korona volt. Az ipari szegmens az értékesítés 80, míg a lakossági építőipari piac az értékesítések 20 százalékát teszik ki.

  • Geodézia Zrt.

    (Magyar) A Geodézia Zrt. Európa legnagyobb geodéziai és geoinformatikai vállalata, amely nem csupán a térinformatikai adatok gyűjtésére fókuszál, hanem komplex, ügyfélre szabott, egyedi térinformatikai megoldások teljes körű kivitelezését vállalja (az adatbázis-tervezéstől a rendszerüzemeltetésig), szinte egyetlen európai vállalatként. A 65 éves tapasztalattal rendelkező társaság 2014-ben létrehozott, a legkorszerűbb technológiával felszerelt-adatfeldolgozó központjában 40 magasan képzett, tapasztalt mérnök dolgozik folyamatosan az egyes projektekben kinyert adatok feldolgozásával. Az innovatív térinformatikai technológiák alkalmazásával a vállalat a klasszikus geodéziai feladatok – pl. földkataszterek készítése – mellett olyan speciális térképészeti feladatokat is vállal, mint pl. közműtérképek, zajtérképek, létesítmény menedzsment térképek kidolgozása.

  • Culevit Kft.

    (Magyar) A Culevit Rákkutató és Gyógyszerfejlesztő Kft.-ről Az 1993-ban alapított Culevit Rákkutató és Gyógyszerfejlesztő Kft. több mint húszéves tapasztalatával a speciális – gyógyászati célra szánt, daganatos betegeknek ajánlott tápszerek piacvezető gyártói között jegyzett, a rákelleni küzdelem ismert vállalata. A Culevit készítmények továbbfejlesztése érdekében a vállalat 2009-ben új, speciális kutató és fejlesztő laboratóriumot hozott létre Pécsett. Emellett a Culevit Kft. 2010 májusában, a Biotechnológiai Innovációs Bázis klaszter tagjaként 90,4 millió forintos európai uniós támogatást kapott a kutatások folytatására és a kétlépcsős klinikai vizsgálatok elvégzésére. Ezzel párhuzamosan a Culevit ingyenes életmód-tanácsadási szolgáltatást is nyújt a betegek számára, amelynek keretében az érdeklődők személyes konzultáció keretében kaphatnak választ problémáikra, kérdéseikre.

  • (Hungarian) Discovery Communications

    (Magyar) A Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) összesen 3 milliárd előfizetőt ér el 220 országban és területen. A Discovery minőségi tartalmakkal elégíti ki a kíváncsiságot, szórakoztatja és inspirálja nézőit, olyan globális márkákon keresztül, mint a Discovery Channel, a TLC, az Investigation Discovery, az Animal Planet, a Science és a Turbo/Velocity, az Amerikai Egyesült Államokban az OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, illetve a Discovery Digital Networks portfóliója a Seeker-rel és SourceFed-del. A Discovery tulajdona az Eurosport, a prémium sportesemények vezető pánregionális szolgáltatója Európában és a csendes-óceáni térségben.

  • (Hungarian) Olympus

    (Magyar) Az Olympus Europa a tokiói székhelyű Olympus Corporation Európa, Közel-Kelet és Afrika (EMEA) régióért felelős központja. Az optikai és precíziós elektronikai technológiák világviszonylatban is vezető gyártójaként az Olympus innovatív megoldásokat kínál a legmodernebb orvosi rendszerek, digitális fényképezőgép és tudományos fejlesztések területén. A cég többszörös díjnyertes termékei számtalan helyen fellelhetők – a betegségek felderítésében, megelőzésében és gyógyításában, a tudományos kutatómunka különféle területein, valamint az élet pillanatainak művészi módon történő megörökítésének eszközeként. Tulajdonosaik kezében az Olympus High-Tech termékei segítenek az emberek életét egészségesebbé, biztonságosabbá és teljesebbé tenni.

  • Danubius Hotels Group

    (Magyar) A Danubius Hotels Group 43 szállodájával egyike Európa legjelentősebb szállodavállalatainak. A szállodacsoporthoz tartozó magas színvonalú gyógy-, wellness-, városi és üdülőszállók Magyarországon, Nagy-Britanniában, Csehországban, Szlovákiában és Romániában működnek. Összesen 22 magyarországi szállodájával, valamint több mint 2000 szakképzett, elkötelezett munkatársával a társaság a hazai idegenforgalmi szektor egyik meghatározó szereplője, amely a gyógy- és wellness turizmus mellett a városi turizmus területén is mind fontosabb szerepet tölt be, folyamatos fejlesztéseivel hozzájárulva Magyarországi turisztikai vonzerejének erősödéséhez.

  • WING

    WING is a significant contributor to the image of contemporary Budapest, as well as the leading real estate developer in the Hungarian market. The company is not only committed to designing better and more liveable built environment, but also to creating economic, architectural as well as aesthetic value. Established in 1999, WING has developed more than 450,000 square meters of real estate to date. The company currently possesses a real estate portfolio exceeding 350,000 square meters.